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Ultra Realistic Fire Drills

We all know we should have regular fire drill for our staff. But did you know it is a legal requirement to have a fire drill (at Least) every 12 months (more frequently in a high risk environment).

So where do you start? You start by contacting us at Minimal Risk Fire Safety by clicking the contact us button and the bottom of this page.  Then we will assess your premises and business nature  (NOT A FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT)  and define a plan for carrying out your fire drill meeting all of your requirements. We will oversee the fire drill and also provide liaison with the local Fire Authority to eliminate the possibility of causing a false alarm in the local area and not waste valuable emergency service time. 

 Our instructors will provide the latest in (harmless) smoke effects and use industry standard lighting to simulate fire effects and make the drill as real as possible to enhance the enjoyment of the drill and create a positive learning outcome for your staff.

 A report will be provided to U.K Fire service standards for you to keep in your company Fire Folder.

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