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Safe Moving and Handling  Course

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Course Introduction

 This course is intended for delegates that are required to perform the moving and handling during their job, or for those that oversee members of staff that are required to do so. The aim of this course is to enhance your existing knowledge, skills and understanding of safe moving and handling, or to provide you with initial training if you are new or inexperienced with moving and handling. This will assist you in understanding the hazards and risks involved in moving and handling.


 Learning Outcomes

• You will be able to identify safe moving and handling procedures.

• You will be able to identify hazards and risks associated with the moving and handling.

• You will be able to take into consideration the functions of the spine, and the health consequences of poor moving and handling practices.

• You will understand the need for the use and provision of appropriate equipment. 

 £50 per head (day time)*

 £60 Per head (Evening)*

*U.K mainland only, prices may increase when exceptional travel costs are involved

 (Minimum of 5 candidates) 

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